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The finish of facade is a difficult and responsible process, from which depend sound and heat insulation inside the building. For finishing the out of walls of building, often use porcelain tiles from Atlas Concorde, which has  amazing  view and many undeniable advantages. This company produces high-strength ceramic granite for exterior decoration. The main requirements that apply to the facade tile include:

  • frost resistance;
  • resistance to temperature and precipitation;
  • original design;
  • high level of heat and sound insulation.

VENTILATED FACADE from Atlas Concorde

Ventilated facades can provide a comfortable microclimate inside of the building and create the most suitable living conditions. In addition, the ventilated facade from tiles of Atlas Concorde reliably protects the walls from moisture and frost. This exterior finish is an effective sound and heat insulation system, which has aesthetics.

Atlas Concorde together with ABACO Solutions created its own system of ventilated facades, which represented by tiles of different colors and textures. Porcelain for the floor and exterior finishing has imitation of natural stone. Each collection of tiles is complemented by decorative elements that make the finish complete and unique.

The variation and advantages of facade tiles from Atlas Concorde

Ceramic tiles for facade is the best material to protect the walls of the building from moisture, cold and cracking. The finishing porcelain tiles from Atlas Concorde compared with other types of finishes has an original design and several advantages:

  • does not need to constantly paint and additionally warm;
  • external finishing protects walls from destruction;
  • thanks to ventilated facades it is possible to warm wall surfaces.